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Pros and Cons of Watching Television
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Many people love watching TV particularly during our free time and if we don’t have anything to do. We like watching TV while eating our favorite snacks or hanging round in a pal’s place. Either way we’re entertained once we watch TV. There are various different programs we can watch on TV relying on our mood and our personality. Some love watching comedy and talk shows while others particularly kids and those that are young at heart love watching cartoons on Cartoon Network or Disney channel.

But then, watching TV has its advantages and disadvantages. Specialists say that an excessive amount of watching of TV particularly amongst children is just not good for the health and the mind. TV may be entertaining and informative yet at instances it could be damaging and harmful.

Below are the Pros and Cons of watching TV.


1.) Leisure and Laughter

We are entertained by shows we like to watch. We laugh at things we find humorous and comical within the TV program we’re watching. We additionally love to bounce or sing along with celebrities we see on TV and some of us even copy their dance moves and singing styles.

2.) Information and How-To

We learn quite a lot of information about places and those who we often do not learn on magazines, books and newspapers. There are journey shows that show us lovely places on the planet and inform us the tradition of different countries which could be a nice help especially if we are planning to travel. We also easily learn to cook new recipes by watching cooking shows and we will be taught doing another stuff via programs that show step-by-step procedures of performing a particular work, train or different fascinating stuff.

3.) Improve Memory and Easy Learning

We often take note of the time schedule for our favorite programs particularly if it is only shown a few times a week. We tend to store and recall the things that lately happened in our favorite show earlier than the next episode will be shown on TV. This will assist improve our memory which we can apply on our each day life. For children, it is simpler to be taught math, science, alphabet and different topic issues if someone can show them how to do it like counting, figuring out objects and lots more. Instructional TV shows are available for children to watch and learn.

4.) Bonding With Household and Friends

Watching TV is a good way to bond with family and friends particularly on weekends. You possibly can laugh and focus on things that you see on TV. That can be really fun.

5.) Awareness and Alertness

Weather reports and present news on completely different parts of the worlds can make you aware of what is taking place outside your country. You can too be alert when there is an incoming storm in your area and that can help you get prepared.


1.) Decline in creativity and imagination.

TV shows including commercials have tendency to share their creative works on us and impart their concepts and opinions on us which isn’t favorable and may lead to a decline in our creativity and imagination since we can not think on our own since artistic stuff are readily available and shared to us.

2.) Health problems

We normally eat junk foods or any of our favorite snacks while watching TV. This isn’t good for our health because we tend to eat rather a lot while we’re sitting down going through the television. This can lead to obesity since we don’t move a lot once we watch TV. This can even lead to other severe illnesses caused by consuming so much and moving less.

3.) Makes people lazy

Most of us get hooked when watching programs of our favorite TV channel. We sometimes even neglect to do our work or other vital things because we got engaged in the show we’re watching. Some individuals overlook to do their household chores because they might rather watch TV than work.

4.) Some shows do not teach good values.

There are TV programs that don’t train good values particularly to children. Instead of teaching them good deeds they even imitate, re-enact or spoof necessary things taking place round us which will not be good for children to watch.

To sum up, in watching TV it’s best to select and monitor the TV programs that you and your children ought to watch. Select programs that can aid you learn and grow as a person. You must also limit the time your children spend in watching TV. The maximum number of hours small kids ought to watch TV is three hours while for teenagers you should make positive they watch good shows only when they’re executed with residencework and projects.

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