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The Best Hiking Experience is at the Arctic Circle Trail
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First off, the Arctic Circle Trail has within its premises over 100 hundred lakes; unimaginable, I know, but that’s just one of many many natural wonders of the ACT. Set in opposition to the country backdrop of Greenland, the ACT provides hikers with splendid views and out-of-this-world experiences that after you’ve gone on a hike there, you’ll say nothing compares to it.

There are about eight fundamental huts scattered throughout the path, and you might be free to make a cease there to rest for a bit or to spend the night. The shelters are open to all hikers, and you won’t be charged for staying in for the night. The only limitation, in the event you may even call it that, is that each one of these can only accommodate about four to 6 hikers who want to spend the night.

If you’ll want to go clean up a bit or relieve yourself, a few of the huts are additionally outfitted with lavatory facilities.

Now for the real adventure

The Arctic Circle Trail covers an space of about 160 kilometers, stretching from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimuit. A bit of warning although — the trail isn’t preferrred for inexperienced persons and you would need to be physically fit and healthy to be able to finish the trail — which would take about nine to eleven days.

If you happen to’re after solitude, then this is the perfect place to go! Cars? You won’t discover them right here! Crowds, and towering buildings? None of those either! In a word, the ACT takes you away from everything that provides you stress; noise, crowds, cars whizzing past, buildings that block your views of nature, and another imaginable man-made obstruction.

On the Arctic Circle Trail, you might feel misplaced if you first get in; feeling disoriented because all you see is an unlimited expanse of land. But once you’ve trekked for awhile, and have taken in the great thing about your natural surroundings, you may be stunned at how the ACT may also help you discover yourself.

On the Arctic Circle Trail, you’re truly one with nature. Ride a canoe, swim within the lake, go fishing, snap photographs of wildlife all of the sudden making an appearance (small Arctic fox, hare, and reindeer are only some of the animals you might find yourself walking alongside with).

If you’re an adventure seeker like me, I’m quite certain you should have the most effective hiking experience but once you go to the Arctic Circle Trail!

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