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Ordinary families have achievements, traditions and golden moments. There have been times when things have gone wrong and progress held on hold. Here, all stories about your ancestors are welcomed, as are those of today’s generation. Soon enough, they will become Ancestry Stories part of the family history for future generations.

Our professionally written blogs provides advice and assistance in researching your family history and the social history period in which your ancestors lived, loved and strove to provide a better future for the next generation.

The blog also offers assistance in fact-checking and drafting the stories that will almost certainly emerge from your family research. We can guide you to cultural sources and markers relevant to the life and times of your most interesting ancestors. This will enable you to detail their activities within the most relevant social arena, even as generations progress:

from tinker to tailor to tech entrepreneur; or maybe,

from villain to vicar to victor ludorum in sport, academia or business.

All stories can be expanded with embedded videos, images, sounds and even 1-click documents like birth certificates or citations.

The clock is ticking…
We suggest you start now with tips, hints and pointers to help you to Search | Write | Publish

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