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Hard day’s night for the Beatles, JFK and Harry Evans

The death of a president. The birth of Beatlemania.

On November 22, 1963, as The Beatles performed in Stockton-on-Tees, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. That night, Beatlemania was in full force; the Beatles performed amidst fan hysteria, leading to many fainting. The release of their second album “With the Beatles” earlier that day had marked exceptional sales. An interview with the band was difficult due to chaos, which escalated when news of JFK’s assassination reached the reporter. Northern Echo Editor Harold Evans scrambled to cover the tragedy, sidelining Beatlemania in the next day’s paper. Despite tight press schedules and the overshadowing event of Kennedy’s death, the reporter still cherished witnessing The Beatles concert phenomenon twice in one night. This personal account contrasts professional duty with the cultural milestones of the time, encapsulating a historic moment when global tragedy collided with emerging pop culture.

Last outpost saves the mother tongue of Jesus

Donkey vendor has Coke at Biblical prices

One language of ancient Syria was Aramaic, as spoken at the time of Jesus of Nazareth and unchanged even today in remote mountains. It was the language of Jesus, his disciples and most of the people who attended their gigs. It has survived changing dynasties and remains the language of Christians and Muslims who live […]

Fire reveals ancestors' secret of Peterboat inn

by Terry Walker

There were surprising revelations when a family history researcher discovered what her innkeeper ancestors had been up to for 300 years… Newly discovered ancestors were shown as respectable innkeepers, cocklers, waterman, farmer in early investigations. Then the diligent family history researcher discovered the dark side Ancestors can be honest and upright or dishonest and dishonourable, […]

Ghosts secure five stars for derelict hotel

A fairy tale grand hotel that welcomed Royalty became haunted after the mysterious deaths of guests and the three brothers who owned it. The Berengaria Hotel in Cyprus has been padlocked and decaying for 40 years and now ghosts have secured five stars for the totally derelict hotel. Ghostbuster tourists, who provide the 5-star rankings […]

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